I Believe In My music – Jeesyboy

I Believe In My music – Jeesyboy
I Believe In My music – Jeesyboy



During an interview with Jeesyboy Kessmusic, who has become a big deal since his Fire Fire song Featuring Abasiodiong became a hit, spoke about his rise to stardom. The street dance hall  revealed that he has had to travel a rough route to become famous. He shared the story of how his friends advised him against pursuing a career in music.

He said;

“I have been doing music since ma child hood. But you know in life when it is not your time, there is nothing you can do about it. All this while, I have been working and waiting on God for a breakthrough. Once God says it is your time to shine, no man on earth can stop you from shining. Before my song, ‘Fire Fire,’ I was only doing free shows. But it is a different story now.

“There was no time I thought of leaving music despite the pressure I was getting. For me, music is part of my existence as a human. keep up believing and receiving, Once you believe in yourself, the sky is your limit and nothing can stop you ,” he said.



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