In the wake of the troubling accusations in the Surviving R. Kelly six-part Lifetime docuseries, the Philadelphia City Council reportedly voted unanimously to ban the singer from stepping foot in the city.

R Kelly Reportedly Banned From Visiting His “Studio Freely”

It was gathered that the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution to “mute” R Kelly on Thursday, January 31.

While the bill doesn’t officially ban the singer from the city, it serves as “a public declaration” that “this city doesn’t welcome” him.

“We reject a system that silences black women and accepts black pain,” Helen Gym, a member of the Philadelphia City Council and a co-sponsor of the resolution, confirmed on Twitter.

“We believe survivors. R. Kelly is not welcome in Philadelphia. This symbolic act of solidarity puts all sexual predators on notice.”

Although technically Kelly will not be arrested or physically removed if enters Philly, Gym noted that her resolution, which she initially introduced last week, was meant to send a message to the singer that the city supports his survivors and condemns sexual abuse.

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