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Smacby Releases Two New Songs titled ‘Authorized Rape’
and ‘Shaku’ Sheba Entertainment lead female artiste Smacby the
Netherlander does not cease to amuse fans, just when you think you
have gotten enough of her, she comes up with something different and
more interesting. This time around, Smacby drops two hot songs,
‘Authorized Rape’ and ‘Shaku’ respectively. ‘Authorized Rape’ is rap
song which highlights the ills of the Music industry, and her
response. ‘Authorized Rape’ is ironically meant to inspire up and
coming acts not to give up on their dreams of becoming music stars as
there is enough space in the sky for everyone to fly. She starts by
saying “I couldn’t find the road so i built one, i couldn’t see the
stage so i made one’…
‘Authorized Rape’ is definitely a song that you need to have on your playlist.
Shaku on the other hand is a house party banger. European/Nigerian
Female Artiste Smacby has decided to take Shaku Shaku to a whole new
level, as she releases “Shaku”.

Smacby amongst others has decided to put Nigeria on the map of the
world in a positive light with this song “Shaku”, as the song inspires
its listeners to dance the Nigerian Shaku Shaku dance while rocking
the dance floor, the song is a happy song and will definitely get you
to forget all your worries. So if you love your culture, update your
playlist and share this with friends, family, and loved ones.



DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Smacby Authorized Rape via itunes

DOWNLOAD Shaku via itunes


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