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If you’ve been seeing a girl for a while now and are ready to take things to the next level, you’ll need to know how to cuddle with a girl.
Girls LOVE to cuddle. Most girls, anyways. I am one of those girls who just LOVES to cuddle – with anyone, really. It brings me comfort and happiness, and it’s just downright warm and snuggly.
Not only do we enjoy cuddling, but if you get us to cuddle with you, it means you’re one step closer to closing the deal with us. If you increase your chances of us cuddling with you, then you’re increasing your chances of getting laid.
Why do girls like cuddling so much?
Most girls are like me. In fact, my old roommate – who’s a girl – and I would just hang out and cuddle and watch movies simply because we were both single but wanted to cuddle SO bad. There’s something about human contact that makes us extremely happy to be in the arms of someone else.
It also has a lot to do with feeling safe and secure. What’s why even though I enjoy cuddling with my female roommate, I enjoy being in the arms of a man much more. When a woman feels safe and like she can trust the person she’s wrapped up in, it’s more likely that she’ll also feel safe about hopping into bed with you.
How to cuddle with a girl and have it lead to more
Girls are not the type of creatures that you can just stick your boner out to and expect that they’re going to want to sit on it. As harsh as that sounds, it’s the truth. We need more than that. We need contact and to get warmed up to you first.
And cuddling is the perfect way to do that. This guide on how to cuddle with a girl and have it lead to more is just what you need if you want to take the next step with a special girl and have a sexy night.
#1 Make sure she’s comfortable around you first. You can’t just expect that some random girl is going to want to come over and cuddle before having sex. You have to get to know this girl first and make sure your feelings are mutual beforehand. Ensure that she’s comfortable with being alone with you. I would advise that you take her on a couple of dates before moving things along.
#2 Get her to come over alone. Girls like to travel in packs in order to avoid being alone with someone they might not be totally comfortable with. That being said, invite her over for a fun game and movie night, and see if she’ll come alone. Make sure she knows it’s a totally casual evening so she doesn’t have too many reservations about it.
#3 Sit really close to her. Obviously, if you want to know how to cuddle with a girl, you have to start the evening by sitting right next to her. In order to do this, you have to make sure she sits down first so you can position yourself next to her.
This can be done by making a drink first, putting the movie in, grabbing the games, or anything else that ensures that she has to sit on the couch first. It’s a lot harder to scoot close to her when she’s on the opposite side of the couch.
#4 Throw on a suspenseful or even scary movie. This can seem like it’s out of context, but it can actually mean the difference between close cuddling and you spending a couple hours with your arm draped over her shoulder.
If you pick a scary and suspenseful movie, she’ll look to you for security when she’s too scared. So it will make it a lot easier for you to grab her and cuddle her close when she’s terrified.

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